Feel like a Viking with Cod Liver Oil

The winning health recipe

We all have heard about all different types of tips to be healthier, to take care of your body, or to build up a strong immune system, but there are so many sources out there that it has become way too complicated. Eat that, don't eat that, we don't know what is good anymore, there is too much information everywhere. 

Well, we are going to keep it simple, one Cod Liver Oil tablet or spoon per day, and within two weeks you will start feeling better. We are not exaggerating its benefits, it has been proven for centuries. Since the Vikings till now, it is one of the most beloved treasures in Iceland. But why?

Multiple benefits

Vitamin D

Cod Liver Oil is a great source of Vitamin D. We know that in Iceland we need extra Vitamin D because of the months of darkness ahead of us, but what is surprising is that in other sunny countries, where you expect no Vitamin D deficiency, more than the 50% of the population has a shortage of it. In the world over a billion people are vitamin D deficient. 

What you may not know is that a deficiency of this vitamin is not only linked to bone fractures in the elderly, but it can also lead to other diseases like metabolic syndrome that can contribute to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Not only that, low vitamin D levels have been linked to multiple sclerosis, and it is essential to strengthening your immune system while you build strong, dense bones.

So either through cod liver oil, other supplements, or half an hour of sun a day, remember to get your vitamin D daily. 

Omega-3 fatty acids

Another strong point of Cod Liver Oil is that it has a high concentration of pure Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 not only improves the cognitive function of the brain, but it is also a protection against Alzheimer's and dementia. And of course, the right amount of these fatty acids will lower your cholesterol and is a great help for those who have developed cardiac arrhythmia.


Vitamin A

Its last main ingredient is vitamin A, and here is where it starts getting crazier, because this vitamin is a vital nutrient for your immune system, for your eye health, cellular growth, and reproduction. Plus it decreases the chances of blood clot formation and reduces inflammation in your body. 

These anti-inflammatory properties of Cod Liver Oil also help with the symptoms of arthritis and prevent cancer cell development. In a study made a few years ago, it was proven that people taking the oil reported lower pain scores after 24 weeks. 

So, are you ready to take start your cod liver oil journey or do you need a long list of benefits?

Which one should I get?

Here, in Nordic Store, we want to introduce you to two of the most famous and respected cod liver oil brands in Iceland.


On the other hand, the brand Dropi, offers extra virgin cod liver oil, extracted with a modernized method, where you can feel its benefits even faster. Try them out and let us know!


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