Icelandic Wasabi


Nordic Wasabi
Pure, Sustainable & Fresh

You have the option to purchase a unique stem that is widely used in high-end Japanese cuisine, fusion cuisine, and Nordic cuisine. It has a fruity, vegetal fragrance and a spiciness that enhances flavor.

Not the Green Paste

Fresh wasabi has little in common with the green paste that most people in Europe and the USA know as wasabi, which is a combination of mustard, horseradish, and food coloring, dubbed by the Japanese as seiyō or western wasabi.

Rare and Remarkable

Traditionally grown near the rocky streams of Japan, fresh wasabi is a rare and remarkable product that has been in short supply—until now. We have cracked the code for growing this culinary gem. You can now have access to fresh Nordic Wasabi anytime you desire.

Sustainably Grown Nordic Wasabi

Enjoy your fresh wasabi stem with a clear conscience. At Jurt Hydroponics, we use internationally certified 100% renewable hydroelectric power, pure Icelandic drinking water and best practices in modern engineering. Our greenhouses are some of the most technologically advanced in Europe and we farm fresh wasabi year round.

Serve with Sushi, Noodles and More

Fresh wasabi is traditionally served with noodles and sushi. People use more wasabi with oily fish and less with leaner fish. In recent years, chefs experimenting with fusion cuisine are finding new uses for it. Try wasabi with seafood and steak or mix it into cocktails and ice cream.

Health Benefits

In studies, fresh wasabi has been shown to be antimicrobial, which is probably why it became the traditional companion for raw fish. Some studies even suggest that it may have anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, and blood thinning properties.

Steel Grater

Your stem comes with a high-quality steel grater. It can also be used for grating ginger, garlic and similar produce. Rinse and dry between uses.   

Serving Instructions

To bring out the inherent bouquet and sweetness, fresh wasabi needs to be ground into a creamy paste. Begin by rinsing the stem under cold running water. Then trim the leafstalks off the top. The outside layer should be trimmed with a sharp knife as far up as the stem is to be used. This is not essential but makes a cleaner paste. Gently push the stem down on the grater and grate in a circular motion to make the wasabi paste. Do not apply force. Use the bamboo brush to remove the wasabi from the grater. Gather the paste into a ball and let rest for a few minutes before serving. The intense heat will begin to diminish after 15-20 minutes.


Your Nordic Wasabi comes wrapped in a damp cloth inside a sealed bag. Store the stem in a refrigerator in its original packaging and it can maintain optimal quality for up to a month.

Jurt Hydroponics

We are an Icelandic company that was established to farm quality hard to grow plants using advanced technologies and sustainable resources. We specialize in ecological food production using greenhouse hydroponics and only use organic growing mediums. We have signed on to the Nordic Food Manifesto and place an emphasis is on purity, freshness and simplicity.

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