How mineral rich salt can help your health?

A great source of electrolytes

We all have heard about Himalayan salt and all of its benefits. Well, here we are going to talk about North Icelandic salt, specially Saltverk, a brand that makes artisan flake sea salt, and that we are proud to share with you all.

How is Saltverk mineral-rich salt made?

Flake sea salt is made using a two centuries old method, in the Westfjords of Iceland. The Westfjords are located on a small peninsula called Reykjanes, surrounded by high mountains. But here is where it gets interesting, Reykjanes has some of the cleanest seawater that you can imagine, and that's where Saltverk salts are made, right where the North Artic Ocean stream goes down the bay of Isafjardardjup.

Why is it good for your body?

As they are minimal unrefined sea salt, they retain most of their mineral content, they contain upwards of 60 trace minerals. They are also a great source of many of the major electrolytes, like sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium, that help regulate your heartbeat and your muscle movement. Good for your blood pressure, digestion, detoxification, nutrient absorption, and fluid balance, sea salts are as easy to use as any other regular salt.

Why is it good for the environment?

Saltverk makes high-quality products that show the powerful nature of Iceland. They are made using hot 206°F (93°C) geyser water from the hot springs of Reykjanes. Geothermal energy is so powerful that is the sole energy source used to make the product, and as it is clean energy, the whole process leaves a zero carbon footprint and no CO2 and CH4 emissions.

Why Sea Salt?

Not all salts currently on the market come from the oceans in existence today. Many salts are derived from underground salt deposits left behind by seawater at some point. But with Saltverk, you are making sure that your salt comes from the North Arctic Ocean's clear waters, thanks to that, the crystal salt flakes contain the flavor and taste of this Nordic Region.

Now that you know the most important aspects of Saltverk salts, you may want to know that you can try them out in many of the best Icelandic restaurants, or you can get them at home and try them by yourself!

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