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The Interior Highlands of Iceland / DVD


Endless space and pristine nature. Adventure tours in winter as well as in summer.

Highland impressions Endless space and pristine nature. Adventure tours in winter as well as in summer. The Icelandic highlands are one of the last strongholds of unspoiled nature. not only do volcanoes and glaciers characterize Iceland´s landscape but also the endless space of the highland regions, with their deserts of grey sand, gravel, lava, icecaps and tundra. The Icelandic highlands conjure up in the visitor thoughts of magical power. A spring of solitude and silence. The Icelandic highlands are a challenge for man and vehicle, whether hiking from hut to hut, horseback riding, on mountain bikes or on four-wheel-drive cars.

Winter tours on snow scooters and super jeeps are adventure tours of the ‘90s. High tech navigation equipment and huge tires now make it possible to cross the icecaps of the largest continental glaciers in Europe.


Running time ca. 60 min.

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