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Sveinstindur Peak - Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 pcs)

$28.99 USD

A marvellous 1000 piece jigsaw with a view of the grand Sveinstindur Peak in Iceland and its surroundings

A breathtaking view of the Eastern side of Sveinstindur Peak, from the interior and close to the edge of Vatnajokull glacier. The peak is about 1092 m tall and is considered to be quite the natural haven in the middle of a desert-like landscape, splashes of green appearing here and there by the bright blue streams. A dream-like paradise landscape on a magical island in the North-Atlantic.

- 1000 puzzle pieces
- Square packaging
- Packing dimensions: 36,7 x 27,2 x 6,2 cm
- Size of puzzle: 48,5 x 68 cm
- Age:12+

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