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Island 63° 66° N Laugarvegur vol. 2 DVD

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ISLAND 63° 66° N | VOL. 2 |

This is Iceland's most popular hiking tour, and leads from Landmannalaugar to Þorsmörk abd from there over the mountain pass Fimmvörðuhals towards the coast to Skogar – the "Laugavegur – Path of Hot Springs".
The Fjallabak... it is here where this documentation begins, and leads from the striking volcano Hekla through the regions of the southern and northern Fjallabak to the destination Landmannalaugar. Here starts the Laugavegur, taking for over 70 kilometers coastwards to Skogar.
Erdmann shows in his 90 minute film a detailed account of constant change in these impressive landscapes, which turn this path into a fascinating and unique experience. He also repeatedly points to all the finer details, the multifold flowers, the quietly splashing brooks, surrounded by shiny green moss, and so many other things that can be discovered along the side of the road. He also describes his encounters with the occasional hikers, he met especially near the cottages.
:: Spoken in German (subtitel in English & Italian)

:: Filmed in HD, perfect picture quality

:: 2.0 Dolby Digital

:: 85 minutes duration

:: Icelandmap

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