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Skipper Wool Cardigan Black

$219.00 USD

The Skipper cardigan design is inspired by the classic Icelandic tradition of hand-knitted wool sweaters.  Mothers usually knitted these garments for their sons and husbands. The modern Skipper cardigan has a 2-way zipper, is warm and comfortable, and perfect to wear for any outdoor activity.

Hand knitted from 100% Icelandic natural unspun wool yarn
Design inspired by the Icelandic traditional hand-knitted fisherman's sweaters
The wool is naturally breathable and regulates body temperature
Water repellent, making it perfect for outdoor activity
Combines comfort and style
Unisex style with a two-way zipper and relaxed fit
Wear and tear-resistant
Designed by Védís Jónsdóttir.

Icelandic wool certified by the Icelandic Lamb Marketing board

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