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Berndsen - Planet Earth (CD)


Planet Earth (CD)
Released 2013

Berndsen is an Icelandic pop icon in the making. His instantly-recognizable signature vocals float over an elaborate 80′s electronic soundscape, courtesy of mysterious super-producer, Hermigervill. His earnest but danceable songs, elaborate videos, and last but not least his batshit-crazy live performances have earned him a dedicated following worldwide. Berndsen’s debut album “Lover in the Dark” has been signed to labels in Iceland, Germany, the Netherlands and Japan. Planet Earth is their second.

Track list:
1. Landing
2. Planet Earth
3. Monster Forest
4. Gimmi Gimmi
5. Data Hunter
6. Two Lovers Team
7. Game Of Chance
8. X-Cryonics
9. Continents
10. Lifeless Planet

Take a look at Berndsen's Youtube channel.

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