The story of Asterias
Designed to evoke the texture of starfish, these unique earrings are part of the Asterias Collection. Our designer was inspired by the waves quietly breaking on a forgotten beach in the West fjords. Mist rising above the horizon. Black terrain. An everlasting cycle with no beginning or end.

Ethically sourced, handcrafted in Iceland
Individually handcrafted in Iceland by AURUM, winner of Best Jewellery Brand in the Eluxe Awards 2020, the world’s first-ever accolades for excellence in the sustainable luxury market. “This is such a beautiful brand! Delicately crafted, ethical, sustainable…it really showcases the beauty buried in the depths of this Earth.”

  • Size: Height: 4.7cm. Width: 0.1cm.
  • Material: 925 silver. 18k gold plated. Recycled and re-refined precious metals.
  • Code: ASTERIAS 102 GP

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