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Birch - Herbal Tea

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Birch leaves, dryed and grinded in teabags.  Tea made from the Downy birch (Betula pubescens), which abounds in Iceland, is extraordinarily wholesome and tasty and well suited for daily use. Birch tea is diuretic and anti-inflammatory. Birch is believed to stimulate the liver, cleanse the blood and be good for kidney problems. It has been used to combat infections of the urinary tract. Birch is commonly used for all kinds of rheumatism, to combat high blood pressure and the formation of oedemas.
The birch leaves contain saponin a bitter substance, resin, flavonoids, tannin and essential oil including betulin. These substances offer the following properties to birch leafes: Diuretic, detoxifying, cicatrizing, anti rheumatic, astringent and antiulcher. Birch leaves have been used for urinary infections, cystis and joint problems like rheumatism and water retention.

10 teabags = net wt 20gr

Made in Iceland by Urta Islandica

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