Dried Fish Snacks (200gr)

$23.19 $28.99

Traditional Icelandic Snacks from dried Fish Snack, skinless, boneless.  Protein: 81,8%

Rich in Omega-3.

Low fat and high Protein. The healthiest snack available.

Dried fish bites from Iceland. The Icelandic hardfiskur has been very popular in centuries. The Icelandic fishing grounds are without a doubt among the purest in the world.

Repeated studies have verified that the catch from Icelandic waters consistently meets top standards for purity. Because of this, and the high standards in fishing technology and processing at Icelandic fisheries, Icelandic seafood is in high demand in international markets.

Dried fish is recognized as health food and the product is lightweight and has a long shelf life.

Manufactured in Iceland by Gullfiskur.  Icelandic Fish!

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