One of the warmest natural fibers on the planet 

Eiderdown is made from the soft under feathers of the common eider duck, used to protect it from the freezing arctic conditions. It is a natural and sustainable product that comes from a 1.000 years old tradition.

Eider ducks are strictly protected in Iceland as it is illegal to sell their eggs or hunt them. But also, Eiderdown collectors protect their nests from predators. 

Unique characteristics

This down is stronger and dense than any other down, which also makes them wind resistant. Eiderdown is considered one of the finest, softest, and most luxurious feather fillings available for bedding and pillows. It is highly sought after for its superior insulation and warmth, as well as it's lightweight and breathable.

How is the down collected?

During the breeding season, this down naturally sheds and the female ducks use it to build their nests. Here is when the Eiderdown collectors start to work. Farmers across Iceland will collect this down, either by taking a small amount from each nest or waiting for the birds to completely leave the nests.

There are nests on 150 different islands in BreidarfjordurIt, which makes it a long and difficult process as each nest contains about 15 grams of down, and farmers have to collect every nest by hand. To go from one island to another Eiderdown collectors use small boats. Once they are on an island it doesn't get easier, as they have to walk through it to find every abandoned nest.

How is it made?

Once the down is harvested it is time to separate it from anything else. Almost 80% of the weight is from sticks, large feathers, and seaweed. After doing that step, only 20% of the weight remains for the future use of the down.

To clean it, the Eiderdown has to be oven up to 120°C (248°F) for about 8 hours, making it easier to sort. Then, the down goes into special machines that prepare it to make it easier to separate the big feathers, but the only way of actually doing it is to take them by hand. Someone experienced can be doing this for over 4 hours just for 1 kilo of down. 

The last step is to wash, press, and dry the down resulting in the final Eiderdown.

Every Eiderdown product is certified

The quality and the weight of the down are certified by an inspector. That means that every single Eiderdown product has been certified by an inspector, and it should come with a certification document.

Our Eiderdown is washed, sterilized and certified at 99.95% purity, and this is the certification that you will get with our pillows and duvets.


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