Vök - Tension (CD)


New CD from the winners of "Músiktilraunir 2013" (I.M.E.).

Track list:

1. Við vökum
2. Before
3. Tension
4. Ég bíð þín (Click to listen)
5. Á ný

Release year: 2013

The I.M.E has been the main venue for young & uprising bands in Iceland since 1982. The festival is in the form of four semi-final nights and one grand final-night. Around 40 bands participate every year in great venues around the city, surrounded by professional staff and friendly atmosphere.
The main goal of the I.M.E. is to make way for young and uprising musicians, giving them an opportunity to perform on a professional level and even get rewarded with spectacular prices that include recording sessions, music instruments etc. Throughout the years, I.M.E. has proven to be a milestone for young and upcoming bands and is still a great venue for our evergrowing icelandic music scene.Bands like Pascal Pinon, Samaris and Of Monsters and Men all had their jumpstart at the I.M.E. Apart from all the great companies that have supported us through the years; music stores,recording studios etc., we have had the great support from Icelandair,SENA, Rás 2 (National radio station 2) and FÍH (The association of icelandic musicians).

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