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Valdimar - Batnar útsýnið (CD)

$29.90 USD

The band Valdimar was founded in 2009 when Valdimar Guðmundsson and Ásgeir Aðalsteinsson started writing songs together in Ásgeir’s apartment. They quickly became a full fledged 6 member band and have become a household name in Iceland due to massive airplay on the radio. Their first 2 albums became a critical and commercial success in Iceland.
The music builds up from being soft and intimate to an exciting hair-raising, heart-stirring energy often with all members on stage playing full blast, making their live performances an unforgettable experience. The genre can be described as an electro indie mix with roots in Americana, even though fans find defining the genre of Valdimar simply irrelevant.

Published October 2014


1. Á miðri leið
2. Læt það duga
3. This time
4. Út úr þögninni
5. Hindranir
6. Máttir vita betur
7. Ryðgaður dans
8. Heimskulegar hvatir
9. Agnarsmáar sálir
10. Eftirspil

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