Utlaginn DVD

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After decades of phony Hollywood Vikings, you can finally see the real thing if this film ever makes it to video or DVD.

It is made in Iceland, with Icelandic dialog, and captures the authentic speech and flavor of the sagas: the understatement, occasional grim humor, and slow nursing of grudges over the long winters until they flower into blood feuds.

The film also shows the strong bonds of loyalty and affection that held families and clans together, and the painfully developed methods of negotiating settlements that prevented the medieval Icelanders from wiping each other out completely. Indispensible for those who love the Icelandic sagas.

Audio/Hljóð: Icelandic

Subtitles/Texti: Íslenska/Icelandic, Enska/English

Run time: 100 min

Director:Ágúst Guðmundsson

Writer:Ágúst Guðmundsson (writer)

Release Date:31 October 1981 (Iceland)

Genre:Biography | Drama

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