Tilbury - Northern Comfort (CD)

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Tilbury - Northern Comfort (CD)
Released 2013

Tilbury was founded by the drummer Thormodur Dagsson (Skakkamange, Jeff Who?, Hudson Wayne) back in the summer of 2010. It was originally a solo project by the name of Formadur Dagsbrunar but quickly evolved when in a search for a band to record the debut album to the band Tilbury.

Tilbury plays dramatic folk pop led by synthesizers by Kristinn Evertsson (Valdimar) and sixties guitar sound by Orn Eldjarn (Brother Grass). Gudmundur Oskar (Hjaltalin) decorates the sound with his French-ish baselines and drummer Magnus Trygvason Eliasen (Sin Fang, Amiina, Moses Hightower) binds it all together with his dynamic drumming.

Listen to Northern Comfort on Youtube.

Track list:
1. Deliverance
2. Frozen
3. Hollow
4. Turbulence
5. Cool Confrontation
6. Northern Comfort
7. Animals
8. Shook Up
9. Great Expectations
10. Transmission

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