The Troll and the Raven


Newlyweds Jón and Freyja love each other dearly. Jón is a respectable farmer who works hard from dawn until dusk, but Freyja likes to sleep late and do as little as possible. Freyja is delighted when a mysterious old woman appears and offers to weave wool into cloth for her, but she soon starts to worry about the price she might have to pay. Fortunately Jón always remembers to feed the raven, and the raven rewards Jon’s kindness.

The story of the Troll Gilitrutt and the young couple on a farm in the shadow of Mount Eyjafjallajökull, originates from Jón Árnason’s Icelandic Folktales and Legends., first printed in 1862. This version is based on the popular puppet show by Bernd Ogrodnik, which received the Gríma, the Icelandic Theatre Award, for best children’s show in 2011. Kristín María Ingimarsdóttir created the illustrations derived from the original play.

Authors: Bernd Ogrodnik, Kristín María Ingimarsdóttir

Available in English OR Icelandic
Published 2013

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