Sykur - Mesópótamía (CD)

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Sykur are a sensational young electro four-piece from Reykjavik, Iceland.

Consisting of Agnes, Halldór, Stefán and Kristján, Sykur (translation: Sugar) began in 2009, quickly establishing a reputation for packing out parties with girls and boys looking for good times. So much so that Dazed and Confused described Sykur as "plucked from the top drawer, a morsel of such rare succulence that it is sure to gain attention even beyond the cordoning velvet rope that sequesters the art world's N.I.P (Nearly Important People)".

The band already play a pivotal role in the Reykjavik scene and have collaborated with a number of the much of the hottest local talent, as well as sharing stages with international acts as Peaches, Familjen, Casiokids, Juvelen, Kleerup and Junior Boys.

Sykur mark a point where pop, art and fashion meet. Their visual aesthetic comes from their strong design sensibilities - from their homespun illustrations to collaborations with Iceland's fashion designer-to-watch, Mundi Vondi. Remarkably, the world has had to wait for Sykur's tasty slices of electro until the band finished school.

Sykur was originally founded in the early nineteenth century by a small group of Icelandic aristocrats who envisioned music as a means of letting go of one self and rejoice in a wild dance. Naturally, they were way ahead of their contemporary musicians who mainly used music for science and skiing. The original team, who then called themselves 'Sigkjör' held countless social gatherings, some said to have lasted for days on end until they suffered a horrible synthesizer accident in 1893, decapitating three and rendering themselves unable to easily access their spleens and other internal organs. Over the years several people have upheld their legacy and now the latest group to take up their banner consists of Stefán Finnbogason, Halldór Eldjárn and Kristján Eldjárn.

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1. Messy Hair
2. Vieille Sornette
3. Reykjavík
4. Curling
5. Sekur
6. Shed Those Tears
7. 7am
8. Battlestar
9. Hvítvín
10. Feit

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