Sólskinsdrengurinn - The Sunshine Boy (DVD)

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Sólskinsdrengurinn - The Sunshine Boy - A mother´s Courage, talking back to autism.

English narration and subtitles

The Film

Imagine not being able to engage with the world around you. Imagine not being able to express your feelings, dreams and aspirations to anyone, even if those feelings, dreams and aspirations are in no way less or inferior to those of other people. Imagine having to depend upon the assistance of others with every mundane task, like dressing or feeding yourself. Imagine living with all of these limitations, despite being of sound mind -- aware of everything that is going on around you but incapable of letting anyone know.

The film A Mother's Courage: Talking Back to Autism (a.k.a The Sunshine Boy), a documentary by Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, tells the story of Margret, a mother who has done everything in her power to help her son. Keli is eleven years old and is severely autistic - his mother doesn't even know if he understands Icelandic, let alone other languages. Even if Margret holds no unrealistic expectations on behalf of Keli, she has the quenchless thirst for knowledge about the mysterious and complex condition that autism undeniably is. Along they way, Margret meets other families and hears their unique stories about how they too have been touched by autism.

A Mother's Courage: Talking Back to Autism (a.k.a The Sunshine Boy) is narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Kate Winslet. After meeting Keli’s mother Margret, Kate was deeply touched by Margret's far-reaching journey to find a way for her nonverbal son to learn to communicate. And with that, the idea for the Golden Hat Foundation was born. The Foundation’s name comes from one of the first poems Keli wrote (using his letterboard), entitled “The Golden Hat”:

This boy had a golden hat.
The hat was magical. It could talk.
The boy did not have any voice. He had autism.
His hat was always with him.
His hat was lost one day.
Now he had no way of telling them his stories.
His mom and dad became sad.
They taught him spelling on a letterboard.
It was hard.
Keli Thorsteinsson

On a course set to include the United States and Europe, she meets with scientists in the field of autism and autism therapies and the parents of autistic children who share her passion: to break down the wall between the children and the surrounding world. This journey becomes lengthier and more dramatic than she envisioned at the start. During the trip, she catches a glimpse of hope that her son can be helped to a larger degree than previously assumed.

Perhaps it is possible to break down the wall of autism and get to know the individual behind it?

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