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Skuggsjá (CD)

$23.99 USD

Skuggsjá is back, re-released upon numerous requests!

"Saxophone and piano can hardly be considered the typical instrumentation, except for composed romantic chamber music. When used together, one is tempted to think that the composer is trying to pull the sax out of a musical hybrid that has fostered this conic bastard of wind instruments throughout the twentieth century: jazz."

The songs on the CD are "typical icelandic popular tunes dating back forty plus years. The selection process went through three rounds as Jóel Pálsson and Eyþór Gunnarsson played through a bunch of songs and weeded out, not only the resulting compilation, but also any doubts as to whether they were playing the songs right or only sketching the outlines from memory. Finally they were rearranged individually by Jóel and Eyþór, so the process demanded they be played at least three times - something a stripped down pop song can be very proud to survive."

Jóel Pálsson: Tenor and soprano saxophones, contrabass clarinet

Eyþór Gunnarsson: Piano

Recorded in 2002 and 2004.

2nd release in 2013 with new cover design

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