Réttur - Court (DVD)


Réttur - COURT - Season 1 - English subtitles

First Icelandic legal drama in Icelandic television.

Legaldrama that tells a story of three lawyers in Reykjavik that run the legafirm Law and Court Inc. In every episode there is a new story but throughout the serie there is a substory that gets more exciting with every new episode.

Logi is one of the top lawyers in the country and known for resilliance, but he has a dark history. He did time for manslaughter when he was 18 to 22 and struggles with alcoholism. Brynhildur and Hörður quit the lawfirm Þeimir two years earlyer and founded Law and Court Inc. Struggling with trust issues we get to know her personal life and tragedies. Hörður is a lawyer that would rather push papers then stand up in court and feels good being in the shadow of Logi and Brynhildur.

The 6 episode series was shot on HD during the summer 2008 and premiered that same fall on Channel 2 in Iceland.

Season 1 - English subtitles
Region 2 dvd

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