Páll Rósinkranz - 25 ár (3CD)

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Páll Rósinkranz was born in 1974. He started his career as lead singer in the highly successful band Jet Black Joe where he participated in three albums between 1992 and 1994. He strarted a solo career in 1996. The same year that Jet Black Joe parted ways he released his first solo album, I Believe in You. In 2000 he released a new solo album, No turning back. A year later he released another album, Your song. Both albums sold well and got positive reviews from critics and fans alike. In 2002, a year later, he released another album, Nobody knows. In 2004 he released a new solo album, Páll Rósinkranz. 25 Ár include his most popular songs from his 25 years as a musician.

Pub. October 2014

Whenever God Shines His Light         
Youv'e got a Friend     
I Believe In You     
Grow Old With Me     
People Get Ready     
Glory Glory     
Working On The Building
To Be Grateful
Be Thou My Vision
Love Rescue Me
Solid Ground
I Need Your Spirit
Are You Sure?
Ég hef lesið     
Ó vinur minn     
Mín hvíta lilja     
Ó hvílík elska     
Ain't No Sunshine
(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay     
Have I Told You Lately
You Are So Beautiful
I Think Of Angels
Tears In Heaven
Fields Of Gold
Jealous Guy
This Masquerade
Let's Stay Together
Náttúrubarn (Ég hugsa um þig)
Nú er stundin
Eitt augnablik
Lífið er ást     
Í fjarlægð
I Know     
I, You, We     
Never Mind     
Higher and Higher     
Take Me Away     
Won't Go Back     
Big Fat Stone     
Summer Is Gone Part I
Coming In     
Full Circle
My Time For You     
Running Out Time
This Side Up     
Wasn't For You     
Chains Of The Mind     
Under A Colored Ray     
I Really Got You

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