Ourlives - We Lost The Race (CD)

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Since the band’s formation in Reykjavik in 2005, Ourlives has recorded endless amounts of demos in an ultimate quest to find their sound. With influences ranging from bands like Muse to Radiohead and Coldplay, the band experimented with different sounds and refused to release an album until they were satisfied that it would sound and feel like they wanted it to.

Ourlives are an explosive, emotive, expansive four-piece, poised and ready at the start of their music recording lives. Ourlives are a band clearly capable of injecting their own edge, of making powerful forward-looking, life-touching music. Hailing from Reykjavik, Iceland, the music they make is a dramatic crossover hybrid of melodic intelligent progressive post-metal and warm powerful emotional pop rock. Ourlives are not afraid to play with the warmth of old-school guitars, with the analogue dust of keyboards, with the power of silence and the strength that can be found in their harmonious vocals. Ourlives are not a band afraid of soothing, soaring melodies, of emotional choruses and the idea that less is often so much more.

Track list
Anything Can Happen Now
Out of Place
We Lost the Race
No Need
Nothing Changes
If the Time is Right
Where is the Way?

Leifur: Vocal / Guitars
Bjössi: Bass / Keys / B.Vocals
Garðar: Drums
Hálfdán: Bass / Guitar

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