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Island 63° 66° N Iceland from above vol. 3 DVD

$39.90 USD
ISLAND 63° 66° N | VOL. 3 | Iceland from above

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2,000 kilometres of flight; more than 200 hours raw material; 4,000 hours conception, postproduction & music composing.
The result is a fantastic and unique film about iceland.

After the success of his first two films, the German filmmaker Stefan Erdmann this time sets out with his Icelandic friend Þórhallur Òskarsson to film Iceland from an microlight aircraft. The result is one of the most beautiful
and fascinating nature films about the world’s largest volcanic island.

The music – specifically composed for this film – perfectly matched the impressive shots of the unique and breathtaking natural landscapes of Iceland.
With his imagery, Erdmann takes the viewers to a trance-like state of weightlessness and makes them feel as if they were aboard an aircraft, soaring above Iceland like a bird.

During the film, Erdmann rarely speaks. With his long takes he gives the viewers sufficient time to immerse into the landscapes and interpret their beauty themselves. He discreetly advocates for the harmony between nature and civilization. A remarkable, unique audio visual experience.

:: Spoken in English & German
:: Filmed in HD, perfect picture quality
:: 5.1 and 2.0 Dolby Digital
:: 85 minutes duration
:: Icelandmap

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