Freri Wool Cardigan Black

$148.90 $169.90

The Freri unisex cardigan is hand knitted from the famous Icelandic wool yarn, Alafosslopi.   This modern cardigan has a hood and a two way IKK zipper.  It is warm and comfortable, a perfect garment to wear for any outdoor activity or at work.

Hand knitted from 100% Icelandic wool yarn
Design inspired by the Icelandic traditional hand knitted sweaters
The wool is natural breathable and regulates body temperature
Water repellant, making perfect for outdoor activity
The sweater combines comfort and style
Unisex sweater, two way zipper, with a relaxed fit
Wear and tear resistant
Designed by Gerður Steinarrsdóttir.

Icelandic wool certified by the Icelandic Lamb Marketing board

Lay garment flat for measuring:
1/2 Chest: Measure one inch below armhole. 
Body Length: Measure from high point of shoulder to hem. 
Sleeve Length: Start at center of neck and measure down shoulder, down sleeve to hem. 

The wool is a natural product and measurements for sizes can vary slightly between sweaters

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