Icelandic Food and Cookery


150 traditional and modern recipes - Real Icelandic home cooking - Feasts and food traditions - A thorough overview of Icelandic food history

New and revised edition!  Favorite traditional and classical Icelandic dishes, a mixture of old and new, combined with excellent ingredients. This cookbook explores the evolution of Icelandic cuisine over the last two centuries. From the late 19th century until the 1970s, thick meat stews, roasts, porridge, milk and fruit soups, and various cakes and pastries were popular. More modern trends include making use of the wonderful fresh fish and shellfish in Icelandic waters, sweet-tasting Icelandic lamb, game birds, and local wild herbs. The author includes favorites that have endured through the years and the best of recent dishes that still reflect Icelandic ingredients and cooking methods.  Home chefs will welcome the helpful chapters on Festive Food Traditions and Icelandic Ingredients. Includes an index in English.  Buy Icelandic books in English from your Iceland shopping online store; Nordic

Author: Nanna Rögnvaldardóttir.

Text in English
Published July 2014
Pages 253

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