Frozen Paradise (DVD)

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Frozen Paradise

This film is about a film maker who joins a group of expert Icelandic kayakers on a trip to Kulusuk in Greenland. He describes what it is like to kayak across a fjord filled with drift ice wich is constantly moving and changing. Indeed, the whole environment is ruled by ice, snow, light and darkness.

The group visit a remote inuit village and this section gives a picture of the habits and customs of the villagers in the past and present, where the staple diet is sealmeat eaten either dry or raw.

This is a lyrical account wich combines a modern point of view with the history of the Inuits in east Greenland, a region where, fortunately, the pace and stress of the western world is still absent.

Format: All regions
Audio: Icelandic and English
Running time: 51 minutes
Production year: 2005

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