Felting Wool (1kg)

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100% Icelandic Felting Wool, new wool and unspun.  (Ullarkemba or Kemba in Icelandic).
Kemba is perfect for felting.

The Icelandic wool has a distinctive combination of inner and outer fibers. The outer fibers are long, glossy, tough and water-resistant, while the inner ones are fine, soft and insulating, providing a high resistance to cold.

The micron count of the outer fibers is 36+
the micron count of the inner fibers is 26-28

The Felting wool (1kg) and other wool is a mixture of these two fibers.
This felting wool is Carded batt form.

Sold in 1kg package only.  (2.2 lbs)

Note! Please remember to choose the color number before adding to cart. 

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