Dikta - Get It Together (CD)

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Third album from the Icelandic band Dikta.  Dikta has been one of the most popular bands in Iceland for some time now.

Haukur Heiðar Hauksson (vocals, guitar, piano)
Jón Bjarni Pétursson (guitar, backing vocals)
Jón Þór Sigurðsson (drums)
Skúli Z Gestsson (bass, backing vocals)

Music videos on YouTube:
Dikta - Thank you
Dikta - Breaking the waves

Genre: Rock
Published: 2009
Songs on album: 12

1 Warnings
2 Thank You
3 Hotel Feelings
4 Final Call
5 Let Go
6 Start to Finish
7 Blonde Brunette
8 Goodbye
9 The Story of Roscoe Gray
10 Just Getting Started
11 Lost in the Light
12 From Now On

About Dikta
In its present incarnation, the group began in 1999. They played in the Icelandic band competition "Músíktilraunir" in 2000 and were finalists. Dikta's four members have been friends since they were children. Last year they've played on festivals such as In The City in Manchester, the SPOT-festival in Denmark and Iceland Airwaves. Their powerful performance in front of a packed venue at Iceland Airwaves earned them a mention in Rolling Stone Magazine.
Source: Wikipedia

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