Delicious Iceland - Special edition


Author and Chef, Völundur Snær Völundarson, travels through his native Iceland gathering the freshest possible ingredients to cook up a storm in the kitchen. With his own unique style he blends together his passion for food with his quest for exploring it´s origin. He travels around the country and on his journey he meets up with ordinary food lovers, chefs and farmers that are approaching the ingredients in a new and exciting way, testing their taste pallets to the maximum and enjoying the wonderful tastes of Delicious Iceland. Includes photopraphs from interesting locations, captivating stories and gourmet recipes.



The book received the 2007 World Cookbook Award for Best Culinary History Book. The judge panel concluded that

"Delicious Iceland is a magnificent book, which in a unique waycombines cooking, culture, history and literature. A world-class book, which should be translated into as many languages as possible."


Völundur Snær´s food programme ´Delicious Iceland´ is being presently shown on BBC Lifestyle and on TV channels worldwide.

Delicious Iceland is a collaboration of chef Völundur Snær Völundarson, photographer Hreinn Hreinsson and writer Haukur Ágústsson.

Völundur Snær has worked as a chef in Iceland, France and Chicago in USA. He has recently moved back home to Iceland from the Grand Bahama island where he ran his own restaurant for six years. Völundur has also tried out other venues, such as television, and has become one of Iceland most celebrated TV-chefs.

Haukur Agustsson wrote the text in the book and shared his extensive knowledge of Icelandic cuisine and culture. Haukur is a known scholar and composer and has long been an active participant in the Icelandic cultural scene.

Hreinn Hreinsson is the book´s photopgrapher and captures beautifully the magic of the project, whether it is a gourmet meal, dramatic landscape or wild nature. Hreinn also produced and filmed Völundur Snær´s food programme, ´Delicious Iceland´.

157 pages
2014 edition

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