Birth of an Island - The Making of Iceland (DVD)

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Birth of an Island- The Making of Iceland.

Includes the film The Eruption.

An unique experience about the creation of Iceland, the youngest country in Europe and an island still in the making!  Why is that?

Birth of an Island explores how Iceland was created through volcanic eruption on the Mid-Atlantic submarine ridge, why they continue and what effects they have on the island today.

Why there are geysers and how the Icelanders learned to harness the power of the natural hot water from deep below, as well as that of glacial rivers.
It also shows how natural forces, such as glaciers, rivers, waterfalls, the Atlantic ocean and volcanoes constantly sculpture and mold the island.
Explains why the island lost most of its vegetation, so Iceland is now the only country in Europe that has deserts.
Also, what measures Icelanders have taken to recover the island's woodlands.

The Filmmaker, Valdimar Leifsson, has been filming in Iceland for the past 30 years and has extensive stock of shots from most places in Iceland, many of which are shown in Birth of an island.  As many of the shots are from bird's eye view, it creates a unique experience in getting to know better the beautiful volcanic island called Iceland.

The Eruption

Devastating powers deep beneath the Earth´s crust emerge in Eyjafjallajökull eruption in Iceland in the spring of 2010. This short film takes you there and shows the volcanic activity and its effects; both menacing and hauntingly beautiful.

Experience the volcanic eruption of decades through stunning filmmaking and wonderful Icelandic music.

Format: All Regions
Audio: English
Running Time: 55 min.
Production Year: 2011

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