Puffin 2 - Poster

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The puffin (Fratercula arctica)

Puffins are a species of seabird and are the most common species
in Iceland, where they number in the millions. The puffin is one of the
most endearing birds in Iceland and is often called the priest, as its
colouring is reminiscent of priestly robes and it comports itself somewhat
like a portly priest.

The puffin is easily recognisable. Its beak is colourful, triangular, and
it has a white face, a broad black neck collar and orange feet. The
puffin is exceptionally loyal and chooses a mate and nesting location
for life. This is quite remarkable given that the average life-span of a
puffin is 25 years. Puffin pairs meet annually at their nesting site and
lay a single egg which they care for together.

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