Horned Grebe - Poster


The Horned Grebe (Podiceps auritus), a member of the grebe family, is a rare nesting bird in Iceland and
is most commonly found near Lake Mývatn. The Horned Grebe can be recognised by its triangular shaped
head, short tail and scarlet eyes. During the summer it sports red and yellow puffy ear-like tufts along the
sides of its face.
The Horned Grebe has difficulties walking on land as its legs are set very far back and, as a result, it tends
to build its nest from mosses and straw on the water's edge. The mating rituals of the Horned Grebe are
rather striking as the male performs a dance and raises the ear-like tufts splendidly. One of the aspects of
the male's dance is to dive after water vegetation to show off to his mate. The vegetation is then used as
nesting material.

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