Björk - Greatest Hits (CD)

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Björk - Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits. Not only are they hits; which in itself indicates some greatness, but they are the greatest of those hits. Cream of the crops! But who can say who her greatest hits are? That's not a small task to undertake! Sales are a good guideline, but who really knows better than the people who listen to the music; the fans? This is how we here at were given the gracious task of setting up polls asking you, the experienced experts.
Two polls were presented to the audience on Monday the 27th of may. One poll for the Greatest Hits tracklist, where you could choose which of the released singles would become the tracklist. Another poll was made up for scientific purposes only; containing 74 songs from her solo career, including early material from before her second debut in 1993.
You chose wisely, and five days later, we could present this list of royalties among her creations. The last track is a bonus; a yet unreleased song. Unreleased, but not unheard - if you had been to any of her Vespertine concerts, that is. There, this new song - 'It's In Our Hands' - had been a much appreciated encore, decorated with handclaps from the selected inuit choir from Greenland; an element later implemented into the song for it's planned release as a single.

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