Agent Fresco - A Long Time Listening (CD)

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Agent Fresco - A long time listening

A Long Time Listening is the debut album of multi-award-winning jazz rockers Agent Fresco, known for their volcanically eruptive performances of music that blends driving spasmodic rhythms and compelling guitar work with spaciously rhapsodic vocal melodies and deeply personal lyrics.

Agent Fresco is an Icelandic band of startling originality known for volcanic performances of music spanning the jazz, pop, rock & hardcore genres. At the heart of their sound is a lyric intensity that flows through finely crafted lyrics, soaring rhapsodic melodies, sideways-pulling polyrhythms and spasmodic eruptions of aggressive guitar, supported on drums by a rhythmic ribcage varying in style from spiffy jazz to muscular rock.

The 17 songs of this album recreate all the sonic exuberance and soaring lyricism of their live performances, backed up on the title track by a chorus of members from Dikta, For a Minor Reflection, Rökkuró, Mammút, Bróðir Svartúlfs, Sudden Weather Change & Two Tickets to Japan.

With its metal-edged guitar harangues, plaintive vocal arabesques and exquisitely tasteful drumming this intelligently crafted album exudes a stylistic confidence that will leave you breathless.

Agent Fresco - A long time listening

Agent Fresco are:
Arnór Dan Arnarson – Vocals
Þórarinn Guðnason - Guitar / Piano
Vignir Rafn Hilmarsson - Electric Upright Bass / Bass / Synth
Hrafnkell Örn Guðjónsson - Drums

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