Stormy Weather (DVD)

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In Stormy Weather, Icelandic director Solveig Anspach explores the close relationship between a psychiatrist, Cora (Élodie Bouchez), and a mysterious, uncommunicative patient, Lóa (Didda Jonsdottir), who is given to sudden and violent tantrums. Cora is intrigued and takes a personal, almost possessive, interest in her patient, spending long hours after work talking about her intimate childhood memories, trying to break through the barrier of silence. When Lóa is transferred back to a small isolated island in Iceland, Cora follows her, and a series of traumatic events unfold.

Stormy Weather

A film by: Solveig Anspach (Haut les coeurs).
World premiere: Cannes Film Festival, May 2003 – Un certain regard category.
Co-produced with: Ex Nihilo, France (Patrick Sobelman, delegate producer) and Les Films du Fleuve, Belgium (Jean-Pierre Dardenne).

Subtitles: English, French, Icelandic
Region 2 dvd

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