Icelandic Rocks and Minerals


Iceland is goelogically young - a volcanic island still in the process of formation - which makes it a fascinating place for those with an interest in rocks and minerals, particularly zeolites, for which Iceland is famous. This handbook, which fits easily into a pocket or rucksack, will help identify the interesting and often very beautiful minerals and rocks that are typical of Icelandic geology.

Lavishly illutrated whith colour photographs, the book contains detailed descriptions of the identifying features of each mineral, as well as an introduction to Icelandic geology in general and the conditions under which each mineral forms.

Kristjan Saemundsson, a geologist with ISOR- Iceland GeoSurvey, has worked extensively on geological mapping and geothermal research.
Einar Gunnlaugsson is a geochemist with Reykjavik Energy, working on geothermal research.
Grétar Eiríksson was a nationally recongnised photographer of Icelandic nature.

Author: Kristján Sæmundsson, Grétar Eiríksson and Einar Gunnlaugsson.
Translation: Anna Yates
232 pages
In English
2002 edition
Reprinted in 2010
NEW edition 2014 (new cover photo)

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